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Loglift / borreliosis recovery

Enjoying the refreshing 4 degrees Celsius in my little gym, borreliosis recovery seems to be going reasonably well - loglift up to 87.5 x 5:

picolist - minimal mailing list

I wrote a little program to set up mailing lists and newsletters without too much hassle: picolist

I did not want any additional software written in C or a scripting language on my mailserver, which ruled out all popular solutions. All I wanted was a reflector - one address that spreads the message to members - anyway, so GNU mailman and the like would have been big solutions to a fairly small problem.

picolist will work with mail transfer agents that are able to forward incoming mails to programs via UNIX pipes and which provide the sendmail command. This is the case for sendmail, qmail, postfix, exim and probably most other MTA software running on UNIX and Linux systems.

Freifunk Hochstift - Adressen

Da ich einen Vertrag bei o2 habe und damit seit gut einen Monat ohne DSL bin, habe ich ein Programm geschrieben, das stündlich eine Liste der aktiven Freifunk-Knoten von Freifunk Hochstift mit Adresse aus den vorhandenen Koordinaten-Daten zusammenstellt. Eine Suche auf der Karte macht mit einer gedrosselten UMTS-Verbindung z.B. wenig Spaß, daher die aufbereitete Textdatei.

[Update 16.12.2017: Der Kartenserver von Freifunk Hochstift ist seit Freitag morgen ausgefallen, daher gibt es auch bei mir momentan keine Aktualisierungen.]

Comparison of TBR and local library's inventory

I was interested in knowing if a membership at the local library would be worthwhile, or rather if I’m ordering too many books that I could just borrow. So I compared my To-Be-Read/To-Be-Ordered list (collected with amParser) with the library’s inventory.

Results: Of 73 TBR books (disregarding reference books) the library has 16, 3 of which are not in my preferred language, but only available as German translations. Better than imagined. Time to get a library card.


When in doubt, use brute force.
– Ken Thompson in an entirely different context

After having lost around 20kg since new year’s, I decided to test my deadlift strength. I had a goal of 220kg (aka 5plate) in mind, which would be 10kg below my PR. It was a bit of a struggle…

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