blog: 2013 Training results

2012 had ended with the conclusion that my Leangains experiments were a total disaster for me to train and eat by, and that Madcow’s 5x5 (Intermediate Linear) only worked so long as I was willing to invest more food and sleep than was possible. So, shortly before the turn of the year, I switched to Wendler’s 5/3/1, knowing that my progress would be much slower, but probably more sustainable.

Here is what 2013 brought me:

I find that far from impressive - but nevertheless, it’s progress, especially after the end of 2012 did not look too good. Also, I finally broke the 200 kg barrier on deadlifts and the 4-plate barrier on squats. The lack of substantial progress on my squats and overhead press can partly be explained by the fact that around July I had to severely reduce both, because I blacked out all the time (systems always came back online before I hit the ground/before the barbell hit me, a slight adrenaline kick and everything was alright again… but still, not much fun). And it can be partly explained by the fact, that I was not doing all the necessary work (accessory lifts - even sounds boring, eh?). Something to do better this year. Oh wait, I’m not allowed to make New Year’s resolutions, otherwise I’m not cool, right?

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2014-01-03 23:17 UTC