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The PGP Problem
July 16, 2019 (comments)
The Hackernews Beauty Pageant Gold Medalist is mad about PGP. Hundreds of words are recycled about all the problems. As usual, the only solution offered to replace email (a protocol in use by approximately the entire internet) are a bunch of centralized all-or-nothing silos that interoperate barely or not at all. No new information appears in this particular rehashing of the PGP Temper Tantrum, so Hackernews has a well-practiced collection of canned responses and anecdotes agreeing with and reinforcing the tantrum. A few Hackernews bring up the profound level of shittiness of Signal as a replacement for email, but the subject is quickly changed to avoid angering the resident security hucksters. None of the people recommending Signal protocol products have any Signal protocol contact information in their profiles. All of them have email addresses. One of them has a PGP key.

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2019-07-23 19:02 UTC