blog: Unicode character selection menu

I pushed a program to that allows you to select codepoint ranges from the unicode standard and print them out with description. This can be useful as input for dmenu if you want a general way to enter special characters.

For example, if we wanted to provide a selection menu with all egyptian hieroglyphs and emoticons, we could write the following:

unicodedata -ranges "13000..1342F 1F600..1F64F" |
 dmenu -i -l 10 |
 awk '{print $1}' |
 tr -d "\n" |
 xclip -selection clipboard

… and afterwards the selected character is in the clipboard for pasting. Better yet, use it with dmenu_charinput and interactively select first the codepoint block and then the character.

Posted in programming
2021-03-14 19:47 UTC