blog: My video recording setup (software side)

As of today, I think I have finally found a “suitable” (enough…) solution to record and edit my YouTube videos. It’s not pretty:

I bought an Elgato HD60S on the cheap to hook up my old DSLR to my computer. It does not work with Linux. This doesn’t matter, because OBS Studio does not offer hardware encoding on my Linux setup anyway. So I have to use Windows no matter what. After tinkering with the settings in OBS Studio, I think the only viable recording option is to go with “lossless quality”. Out comes a big .avi encoded with UT Video. I tried the advanced settings and constant bitrate with high values, but OBS kept crashing. The .avi files have an a/v sync mismatch of 200ms. Because ffmpeg’s itsoffset does NOT work with .avi files - unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you and just acts as if successful - I have to convert them to .mkv first. Just a matter of ffmpeg -i VID.avi -c copy VID.mkv. I can then use my delayaudio script. I cut and edit the files in kdenlive afterwards. Seems to work pretty ok. Apart from infrequent crashes… so I hit Ctrl+s all the time. Important: The project settings (resolution, frame rate, etc) have to be set before anything else is done, or the program will behave oddly. For rendering, I found the Generic - HD options to be too poor, even with best quality settings. Lossless/HQ > H.264 (libx264+aac) seems to work fine. Leads to fairly big output, of course.

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2021-09-05 20:37 UTC