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Lifting Platform - Part 2

First layer of coating. Unfortunately the coating also makes the impurities in the wood more prominent. But I knew that it wasn’t quality wood anyway, and other than that the top sheet has a nice pattern.


I uploaded six images from my walking trip around Holtheim today.

Lifting Platform - Part 1

First shot at a DIY lifting platform. I used five sheets of 2.50m x 1.25m plywood (9mm thick, birch) and a lot of 16mm wood screws. I was afraid the 1.25m might actually be too wide, but it seems ideal for a (primarily) deadlift platform. The usual approach is to also glue the (alternating) layers of plywood together, which would probably be a lot more durable - fewer air pockets and all - but I decided to go with screws only, because this platform doesn’t have to last forever and this way I might be able to reuse the wood should I rebase my garage gym, moving the 2.5m x 2.5m platform would be neigh impossible.

Now I just need some sealer for the top layer and rubber mats for the sides… and I hope the screws will suffice.

The price for this varies greatly with wood quality, wood thickness and so on, but costs a fraction of a “professional” lifting platform.

Goodbye flickr

Flickr (or YahooID) decided, that it would not grant access to my account any more - apparently not knowing the location I’m connecting from is a reason to deny access. I could have reclaimed the account, if only I had not entered a faux phone number on registration (a picture hoster does not need my phone number, thankyouverymuch). Thankfully, my old laptop still had an active flickr login, so that I could at least all my data on there and I will self-host from now on.

For now it’s just some duct tape programming, since I’m also planning to get rid of the dependency hell that is the Ruby-Jekyll world.

So thanks flickr, I guess, for another reminder that you should not unnecessarily depend on third parties.

Squat up to 184.5kg x 3

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