Homemade dragging sled

How to make a weighted dragging sled for (almost) free

tire sled

tire sled

Here’s a short description on how to make a cheap homemade dragging sled:

You’ll need the following materials

Which brings us to a total of 7.50 - 11 Euro.

Additionally you will need

If you don’t have those tools, maybe ask at your local maker space… or ask your grandpa.

Now what you do is:

  1. Measure a 45+cm hole in the middle of your tire. Standard plates have 45cm diameter and you need to get them in somehow…
  2. Drill a hole at your measured distance.
  3. Insert your jigsaw and start sawing. If in doubt, make the hole a little wider.
  4. Drill a hole for your bolt in the middle of the face with the tread.
  5. Screw it in with washer and nut using a wrench. If you want a second bolt, repeat from step 4.
  6. Run your strap through the bolt(s).
  7. Throw in some plates and start running.
  8. Return your grandpa’s tools to their former location.

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