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Furlbachtal und Furlbachpfad

The Iron

I’ve added “The Iron” by Henry Rollins to archive.

Reverse geolocation lookup

Ich habe mal den Quellcode für Reverse Geolocation Lookup per Nominatim, den ich für Freifunk-Knoten genutzt habe, von dem Rest getrennt und unter gepackt.

Ulanzi TC001 Hello World

Compatible board in Arduino: NodeMCU-32S


Pin (GPIO) Function
14 Button 3
15 Buzzer
21 I2C SDA
22 I2C SCL
26 Button 1
27 Button 2
32 WS2812 Pin 1
34 ADC In (Battery)
35 ADC Illuminance

8x32 LEDs

The rows are connected with alternating base indices (i.e. row 0 starts at 0 and ends at 31, row 1 starts 63 and ends at 32) - in serpentine fashion, if you like.

Hello World

Shifting one red pixel through the LED matrix.

You need the NeoPixelBus library by Makuna (installable inside the Arduino IDE).

#include <NeoPixelBus.h>

#define ROWS 8
#define COLS 32
#define WS2812_PIN 32

NeoPixelBus<NeoGrbFeature, NeoWs2812xMethod> ulanzi(NUM_PIXELS, WS2812_PIN);
RgbColor red(255,0,0);
RgbColor black(0,0,0);

void setup() {  
  pinMode(15, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(15, 0);

void loop() {
  int i = 255;
  while (true) {
    ulanzi.SetPixelColor(i, black);
    ulanzi.SetPixelColor((i+1)%256, red);
    i = i % 256;

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